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Bike Rally Day 2: Port Hope to Adolphustown, #f4lbr2022

Rally’s Angels Team photo

Today is the rally’s longest day, 126 km from our campground in Port Hope to Adolphustown. We’re traveling through Prince Edward County and the last leg of the trip involves a ferry.

Ferry selfie

The weather changed. We were expecting overnight rain and possible thundershowers after which the weather was supposed to turn into something more reasonable. Instead we got heat alert day 2. I hate the part of the heat alert that says ‘avoid outdoor exercise.’

Sarah and I talked lots about how best to handle it. We opted for a very reasonable pace, stopping at all the stops, and drinking all the things. It’s a long haul to the first test stop on day 2, 38 km, but after that there’s lunch and two more spots and we just kept our focus on getting to the next break.

Here’s our route

You can look it up on Strava here

And you can donate to the bike rally here.

We’re working hard, riding in weather the no one would choose to ride in, and as a friend said over dinner, it’s all pointless if we don’t raise money to help people living with HIV/AIDS. These are people who need food, wellness care, peer support or just to be in a place that is welcoming and safe for them. We’re riding to raise 1.5 million dollars for the Toronto People With Aids Foundation.

Rear view of Rally’s Angels

I ended the day today happy. I’m happy that we made it in good shape, still feeling strong, happy to be riding with these wonderful people, happy to go for a swim when we got in, happy to be working together raising money for an important cause, and happy tonight for the rally’s talent show.

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