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Nat on being consistently inconsistent

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The weather has turned warmer and I’m loving spending whole days on the weekend in the garden digging, weeding and planting.

The time has to come from something so I’ve stopped doing indoor workouts. The idea of spending any time inside when I don’t have to hurts my brain.

I love taking my coffee in the morning outside. Walking the dog is so much more pleasant when the neighbourhood is in bloom.

I’m so thankful my body is able to shift gears to doing something I love. Digging in the dirt, the smell of the plants, it’s so revitalizing.

I know by the time it gets truly hot and we are well into summer I’ll shift away from the gardening to other things. I’m inconsistent in the short term. Every spring I put energy in to my garden though so taking a longer view there is consistency.

Indoor training feels good in the winter and early spring. I’ll be back to it sometime later. It works for me.

I looked back at all the different activities I engaged with over the years. I’m consistently active, but what that is varies a lot.

I used to feel bad that I can’t stick with one thing longer than three or four months. Now I appreciate that there is always something different to come.

My health and well-being are supported by all this activity and that is pretty dang cool.

Are you someone who is consistent with working out? I’d love to hear about your rhythm of activities.

Image is of a red and white dog curled up on a grey outdoor couch. In the background is a lush garden filled with trees, shrubs and perennials. It feels a bit magical under the roof of the gazebo as the sunlight pokes through the canopy of trees.

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