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Things not to worry about during a walking challenge

CW: mention of weight loss.

It’s been a busy week at FIFI headquarters; spring is here (for many of us in the Northern Hemisphere), and with it have swooped in loads of downright unhelpful (not to mention demonstrably false) media messages. No, we don’t need to do anything to get a bikini body, to cover up or distract others from our bellies, to diet in extreme and harmful ways to fit into items of clothing just because, or apologize for mentioning our periods in the course of our active lives.

Imagine our exasperation when this notice came across Sam’s news feed:

Publicity for virtual walking challenge that is exhorting us to walk and lose weight. No thanks.

Yeah, no. Here’s what I think they should have put instead:

New and improved notice, saying walk and do anything other than worry about how to lose weight.

In case you’re stumped for things to do instead of worrying about losing weight while you’re walking, here are some suggestions.

  • Hum to yourself
  • Sing to strangers
  • Hold a lively discussion with self about the relative merits of tulips and azaleas
  • Learn about something completely random from a podcast
  • call your mother
  • bring a dog along with you– yours or a friend’s– with poop bags
  • pick a different bakery/bookstore/coffeeshop/park as your destination each time you get out there
  • If arriving at a park, sit on a bench or climb a tree or stretch or splash water on yourself from a fountain
  • Practice saying phrases aloud that you remember from a foreign language class you took in school

Honestly, I could go on for a while. But you get the idea. I hope the organizers of this event (and other such folks) will get clued in as well.

Happy walking while not worrying about… well, anything!


-FIFI management

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