Can’t take the HIIT? Don’t leave the kitchen, uh, workout space. Just go slower…

As the weather gets better and my semester winds down, I’m seeing more time for movement coming up. But what kind of movement? What’s the best way to spend time in physical activity? Go hard then go home? Go long and slow? Turns out, science has some guidance for us.

Here’s a post I wrote a while back about research on the comparative benefits of high-intensity interval training vs. moderate exercise. I won’t give any spoilers here; you can read it for answers. Enjoy…



Remember the show “Name that Tune”? It started in the 50s (says its Wikipedia page), but has been revivified more times than we can count (okay, not true, but a whole lot of times). I first (and last) watched it in the 70s. Here’s a long clip, but you’ll get the sense of it in the second minute (btw, I correctly named the tune!!):

Two players play Name That Tune. Check out the second minute for a glimpse.

There’s something awe-inspiring and also extremely implausible in the players’ claims that they can name that tune in 4 notes, in 3 notes, in 2 notes… 1, even?

All of this paring down of tunes to a few bare notes puts me in mind of the ever-smaller (and ever-more-intense) at-home workout plans, boasting that they can get you in shape in eleven minutes. No, ten minutes! Hey, how about

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One thought on “Can’t take the HIIT? Don’t leave the kitchen, uh, workout space. Just go slower…

  1. The first was pretty easy (no spoilers here). The second would have been easy in two notes – one was pretty near impossible. I loved the game faces of the two contestants. I remember this show from my childhood – I recall people running down an aisle to ring overhead bells to get the chance to guess. I went to a camp in the 90s where we played a version of this with only Beatles songs.


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