Sam is back at the gym and fitting it all in

I’m wildly happy to be back at the gym. I remembered my locker number and my combination. I loved the 50% capacity, though I know it won’t last. And the students in group fitness classes with me talked, and talked, and talked, and I loved that too.

Usually the lunch hour classes draw some staff too but staff aren’t all back on campus just yet so this week it was just me and the students. It’s odd now that they’re mostly younger now than my youngest child. He’s 23 and in 4th year.

I did the TRX and rip trainer circuit class on Thursday and Yin Yoga on Friday. Unlike the Before Times, I had to sign up in advance and received numerous text message reminders. You can only sign up for one group fitness class per day. That’s fine. I’m going to spend some time in the weight room too.

So now I am wondering how to fit all the things in.

Here’s my late winter weekly fitness plan:

Monday: Lunch hour weights at the gym, evening bike race or course ride over with teammates for Tuesday’s race

Tuesday: Lunch hour group fitness class, TRX likely, and Zwift racing at night, with TFC Dynamite in the ZRL series.

Wednesday: Day off from the gym, Zwift recovery ride in the evening

Thursday: Lunch hour TRX class and TTT racing on Zwift at night with TFC Phantom

Friday: Restorative Yoga at lunch (feels perfect for Fridays) and social Zwift riding at night.

Saturday and Sunday: A mix of outdoor things like walking Cheddar and fat biking, some Yoga with Adriene, maybe some indoor rowing, and some social riding on Zwift.

I easily default to just Zwift and dog walks so I feel I’m doing better these days, adding in some strength training and some yoga. The upside of that is when I’m on the floor anyway I’m more likely to do my knee physio.

What’s your fitness mix looking like these days?

Photo by Jan Kopřiva on Unsplash