Back to the gym again after January away

I wrote a triumphant back to the gym blog post in October, enjoyed an autumn of occasional weight lifting visits, pilates, and TRX classes, and then in January amid the omicron wave of the pandemic, here in Ontario gyms closed again.

On Monday, January 31, they reopen. I’m not sure how to feel about it. I’ll go back. I’ll workout there but I am definitely having unsettled feelings about it.

It turns out that many of us are okay with bad news and we’re okay with good news but the pandemic see saw is a little hard to take.

I am happy to go back. Let me say that. But I am not feeling particularly triumphant this time around.

I know the gym is not risk free. Nothing is. But I’m fully vaccinated and I’ve had a booster and I’ve had covid. Because my gym is on campus I know that all the other gym goers and the staff are also fully vaccinated.

The gym will be at the 50% capacity which is nice when it comes to not waiting for equipment.

I’ll also wear a mask.

I hope the gym gets to stay open but we also have lots of weights at home now. We have our own TRX and a kettlebell.

I’m ready to be flexible. I’m excited about going back but trying this time not to view it as back for good.

How about you? Are you heading back to the gym?

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3 thoughts on “Back to the gym again after January away

  1. I can’t get back to the gym fast enough. I have no interest in purchasing, setting up and maintaining fitness equipment at home – the squat rack is my favourite, and it’s bulky!
    My home workout consistency is also very low; I need a change of environment to get me interested and keep me going. I’ll do whatever it takes – vaccines, masks, low capacity, hand sanitizing and hand washing – to go back.

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