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We’re on the MOVE! (Group post)

To be clear we are talking about MOVE, Adriene’s 2022 30 Days of Yoga Practice.

Christine recently blogged about being moved by Move even though it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. (Reader, it wasn’t Susan’s.)

Lots of us here on the blog are fans of Yoga with Adriene and many of enjoy kicking off the new year with her 30 days of yoga. I thought a group check in might be good and I posed these questions to the bloggers’ group:

Did you do all 30 days in a row? What did like about daily yoga or MOVE in particular? What didn’t you like about MOVE? Which were your favourite days?

Here are our responses:


I got stuck at 22 but I’ll keep working away at it and eventually see it through. That’s my usual 30 days of yoga approach. It ends up being more like 30 days out of 45 and that’s just fine with me. My favourite thing this year was doing Yoga with Adriene with my weightlifting son. It was something we often did together at the very end of the day and we now have two yoga mats laid out on the living room floor with room for Cheddar in the middle. My faves were Mobility, Snuggle, and Ritual, all of which I’ll do again.


I started and finished “on time” but missed a couple of days here and there that I made up over the next day or two. I appreciated it this time but I somehow didn’t feel quite as enthusiastic about it as I have the two years prior. I think that has much to do with where my head is these days — my word of the year (FOCUS) has not been working for me and I felt distracted and stressed much of January. The MOVE practices all kind of blur together and I don’t think I had a favourite, but my least favourite is the silent practice that we ended with. If I want to do a silent yoga practice for half an hour without being led, I can do that whenever I like. With 22 years of consistent yoga practice under my belt, that’s really accessible to me. I do YWA so that I can follow along. But if I want to follow along I need to keep looking at Adriene, which distracts me from what I’m doing, which has the opposite effect of the internal connection. So in the end I did let go of Adriene for that one, and just did my thing mostly, and that’s fine and all, but I can do that anytime.


I’ve only done a few of them so far. I started late and everyday yoga just isn’t on the cards for me right now – it’s more like twice a week. But I have to say I really like them this year! I know some people found it too pilates-y, but I’m actually rather enjoying these elements. I’m still working on improving my core again after having kiddo, so I’m finding that these sequences really suit me.


I didn’t get past day 1. These days I have 1) a membership at my local yoga studio, which offers online classes; 2) a new membership to the Underbelly, Jessamyn Stanley’s most excellent yoga video site; 3) yet another membership to something called Body Groove, which has yoga, pilates/strength workouts, as well as goofy and cheesy and fun dance workout videos; 4) everything else on the internet. In short, I’ve been distracted by this embarrassment of riches, and sometimes paralyzed by too much choice. Clearly, this calls for some kind of action or decision-making or commitment to, uh, something or other. But as of yet I know not what…


I appreciate YWA for what she offers and love the shorter length. But I prefer my traditional yoga teachers over all. If I could combine my favourite yoga teacher Lisa V. shorter offerings I’d be happy.

There were parts of Move I enjoyed. I did it all, as I did last year. This tells me there was enough of it bringing me back each day. I think I enjoyed last year’s a bit more. I appreciate the short length of each offering. Overall, I am glad I did it and am grateful to her for sharing it the way she does. I find her direction a bit scattered sometimes. I really, really, dislike the last one she does every year where you decide what to do. I want to be guided (but not by myself)!


This is the first year I haven’t tried to do it every day, just because my head wasn’t there. I’m just over halfway through, and ironically, I like this year’s offering better than any of the previous years. It’s short and sharp and fits where I am right now — needing focused bursts to remind myself I’m mobile and, as Adriene encourages us to whisper, I am strong.

Image description: photo of a dark-haired woman (Adriene) doing a reclining yoga pose on a mat on a hardwood floor, with a dog sleeping beside her (Benji), and a large window, trees and a portion of a handrail through the window.

Tracy writes that it’s not too late to start. And that’s still true. You can pick any 30 days you choose. Or like me, any 45 or so. Enjoy!

And if you did MOVE, what did you think? What’s next for you?

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  1. I, too, am taking my time, and meeting with a friend to work through MOVE at a 2x a week pace. I love the length, and I feel like there are enough crunchy thinky bits to keep me engaged. My goal this year is to not hurt myself, which I have done at the end of the 30 day-in 30-days model before…

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