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Bed Yoga!

I’ve written before about nap yoga. (OK, it’s actually restorative yoga but all the bolsters and cushions and blankets def put me in mind of naps.) I’m doing a Friday lunch hour class that’s all about supporting your body in a small number of positions for a relatively long time. It’s very stretchy and comfy and relaxing. Perfect for Fridays.

But now actual Bed Yoga has started popping up in my newsfeed. Maybe it’s always been a thing but it’s new to me.

It’s just what it sounds like, yoga in bed.

“Bed yoga is a series of stretching and breathing exercises done on or in your bed. Since a mattress is a much softer surface than the floor, you cannot perform standing or balancing poses that require a solid sense of ground. But this soft surface can be beneficial if you have sore knees, wrists, or other joint pain. Bed yoga is usually practiced right before sleep or immediately upon waking. Bed yoga practices include calming and soothing poses if done at night or energizing poses if done in the morning.” From here.

Person wearing white long sleeve shirt with black and white tattoo on left wrist. Photo by  Nicole Honeywill  on  Scopio

I’m tempted to try it but I’d have to move Cheddar out of the way!

Want to give it a try? Here’s a short bed yoga video to follow along.

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