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So many challenges, so little time…

Is it me, or are there even more January 1 challenges than ever before? Or maybe it’s just that I’ve reversed myself my views on challenges. I wrote here a while back that I found challenges, well, challenging. In that post I also laid out a beyond-challenging challenge for myself to readjust my eating/movement/sleeping/hair part, all for the better. Did it happen?

Yeah, no.
Yeah, no.

Later on, though, I found the challenging nature of challenges more intriguing, and decided to dip a toe in. My gateway challenge was the 218 workouts in 2018. Seemed simple enough, and of course in January there seemed to be oodles of time to do all those workouts. I did finish– on Dec. 31. Just in time!

These panels are supposed to explain just-in-time delivery. All I'm getting is that one guy has a headache, but then another guy gives him a box. Maybe just in time?
This supposedly explains just-in-time delivery. One guy has a headache, but then another guy gives him a box. Maybe just in time?

In 2021 I completed several Ten Percent Happier meditation challenges: work life, anxiety, and anti-diet (it was all about intuitive eating and was fine; I’ll blog about this sometime). I’m now coming up on day 2 of their 14-day Getting Unstuck challenge, which is all about changing habits. Good luck to me…

I’m guessing that getting unstuck from super glue is easier than getting unstuck from entrenched habits. But we’ll see.

For this year, I also signed up for the New York Times Eat Well Challenge, mainly for professional and blogging purposes. I’m wary of being preached to about “good” and “bad” foods, which, as we all know, are not things. Tracy and Sam and I and others have blogged about this fairly extensively, and our work is still not done. I’ll be reporting back on this challenge when it’s done (or when I give up, whichever comes first).

And then of course there’s the Yoga with Adriene annual January challenge. This one is called Move. I like the name: short, to the point, no attempt to dress things up. I love Adriene. I love Benji the yoga dog. I love yoga. I own multiple internet-enabled devices. Therefore, I’m all set.

Don't Adriene and Benji just make you want to do downward dog right now?
Don’t Adriene and Benji just make you want to do downward dog right now?

I think that covers it for my currently-running challenges. Hey readers, what challenges are you doing? What challenges are looking tempting? What challenges are just too absurd? Tell us– we want to hear everything.

One thought on “So many challenges, so little time…

  1. I am trying to do Adriene’s 30 days of yoga for the first time, right through, in order. We’ll see how that goes. I may opt for my other methods depending on how January feels. And that’s it for January challenges. There is the 220 in 2022. And a distance challenge for the year, maybe 6k this year after 5 in 2019 and 5.5. in 2020. Also aiming to read 25 novels in 2022.

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