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Making Space: Day 9

I have a busy day today and it doesn’t feel like I will have much time to work with but I’m in the habit of making space for my daily practices. Now and I don’t want to break it!

Here are two short videos, five minute chair yoga and a 1 minute breathing exercise.

I hope, no matter how busy you are today, that you have time for at least 6 minutes to yourself.

It doesn’t matter if you spend those 6 minutes with these videos or doing something else that you enjoy, just do whatever you can to make space for yourself.

Here’s a star for your efforts – ⭐️

And here are our videos:

A 5 minute office yoga break video from the Yoga with Uliana YouTube channel. Still image features Uliana, dressed in a white shirt and dark pants, sitting on an chair in a white room. There is a potted plant on a table in one corner.
A 1 minute breathing exercise video from the Calm Sage YouTube channel. The still image shows a light green circle in the foreground with rippled water in the background.

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