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Making Space: Day 8

While I certainly hope that these ‘Making Space’ posts are useful for you, writing them has been really helpful for me.

Having an external commitment to slowing down and paying attention to my mind and my movements for these few minutes a day – I do every video – has made a big difference for my well-being.

Apparently, I am my own experiment of one and so far the results are very promising. 😉

Whether you have been making space by using my video suggestions or if you have been doing your own thing, I applaud you.

And if you are still trying to carve out some space, I applaud your efforts, too.

⭐️ <- Here’s a gold star for us all, we’re just doing the best we can with the resources we have, and we’re trying to be kind to ourselves in the process. Go Team Us!

Now, onto today’s videos:

I thought it would be fun to try another dance video and I just love this warm-up video featuring Ayo Janeen Jackson. I was terrible at it but I didn’t mind a bit.

A 5 minute dance warm-up video from the Sonima Live YouTube channel. Still image shows a dancer in all black clothing with white sneakers. She is in a lunge position in the centre of a well lit room with light coloured flooring and multiple windows.

I initially picked this video because the sunflower image made me smile but my whim served me well, this is quite a relaxing practice.

A 5 minute guided meditation for gratitude from the Mindful Movement YouTube channel. The still image is a close-up view of one half of a drawing of a sunflower with orange/yellow petals.

Good luck out there, Fit Feminists! I wish you ease and kindness. 💚

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