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Making Space: Day 3

How can you make a little space for yourself today?

Maybe do a little drawing? Listen to some music? Have a conversation with a friend?

Or, maybe movement is on your self-care menu?

If so, may I suggest this short yoga video from Yoga with Joelle?

A video from Yoga with Joelle’s YouTube channel, the still image shows Joelle on a yoga mat doing a lunging twist.

If you aren’t up to doing any given pose in the practice, adjust it so it suits your capacity and ability. Another good option is to stay in Savasana (corpse pose) and rest while Joelle keeps you company as she does her practice.

If meditation is more your speed right now, today’s suggestion, guided by Dina Proctor, reminds us of how breathing refreshes our cells. I found it pretty cool to think about.

A video from the Omvana by MindValley YouTube channel. Image is tinged with blue and shows a person floating on their back in water with their eyes closed.

I hope you find some space for yourself today, no matter how you shape it.

And, as always, please be kind to yourself.

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