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Time flies and the blog grows


The message above is from Facebook memories. I remember how excited Tracy and I were when the blog hit 1000 followers. See You like us! Celebrating 1000 word press followers. We had originally meant the blog as a way of sharing our progress en route to “fittest by fifty” with family and friends. That challenge seems so long ago now!

But of course, it’s never that simple and we began to think, with our feminist philosopher hats firmly on, what does “fitness” even mean and why should feminists care about it? Lots of other people had thoughts too and we discovered an appetite for alternative, more inclusive conversations about the role of physical activity in our lives. Now we’re a big group, with lots of people in the blog community, and our conversations have expanded to include mental health and overall well-being, rather than just fitness more narrowly construed. We also have a lot more readers and followers across WordPress, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

So on the same day that the memory above was in my newsfeed, I also got the notification below–21,362 followers!

Welcome to all of our new followers–well, not CBD Product Reviews, pretty sure you’re not an actual person–and if you want to know more about the blog’s history we now have more than 9 years of past posts to scroll through. Enjoy!