Family vacationing: exercise in/as compromise

This summer, many of us are venturing out on vacations with family and friends. Depending on where you’re going and who you’re going with, there are definitely going to be some compromises. Do you eat inside restaurants, go to music concerts, visit an amusement park? Are your previous travel plans changing because of increased COVID cases? There is a lot of thinking and re-thinking going on, at least among the people I know.

Another point of compromise is activity plans. Some of us are doing more ambitious activities, while others of us are dialing down the intensity level on physical activity. It’s all about finding our mutually agreed-upon sweet spot for fun and relaxation.

Way way back in 2016, I went to Arizona and Nevada on a family vacation with my sister and her three kids. It was big fun. It also involved lots of compromising. In the end, I think everyone got to do something they wanted, and everyone had to do something not on their list. But it was a really marvelous trip. We’re planning another one next year (fingers crossed…)

I hope your vacation plans and actual vacations are fun and successful exercises in group compromise. Let us know how things are going.