Waiting it out on the sidelines of fitness

I wrote this post three years ago when I was sick with pneumonia and had to sit things out and wait. I was going to feel better, but it took time. Today we are all sitting things out and waiting– waiting for the vaccination rollout to make its way to everyone, waiting for reopening of our favorite places and institutions, and (in the case of the US), waiting for a new president to take over and deal effectively with the systemic illnesses we are suffering as a country.

Waiting it out on the sidelines is hard. Hard, but necessary. Hard, but effective at giving us and our communities time to heal, so we can get back in the game.

And we can see progress: there are those pictures of people getting vaccinated, and I love every one of them (the pictures, the people, the whole thing). And come 12:01pm on Wednesday January 20, there will be a new leader for my country. That’s progress.

Take a look at the post, and if you have some thoughts about what it’s like for you, still waiting on the sidelines, I’d love to hear from you.