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Go Team! January 17: Clear a Path

Sometimes I feel like there is an obstacle course between me and my next exercise.

(Of course, if that obstacle course actually existed then completing *that* could be my new exercise plan but let’s carry on.)

It’s not usually big, tangible things like work or other tasks.

Often, it’s things like having to dig out my sneakers, or finding the right video on YouTube, or the stuff that always seems to find its way into the space where I want to exercise.

Now that I’ve realized how these (relatively small) things get in my way, I keep an eye out for those obstacles and clear them out of my path in advance.

That might mean setting out my clothes long before my planned exercise session. Or it could mean setting up my exercise space in advance. Even something like charging my wireless headphones can make a big difference in getting my exercise session started.

Basically, I do everything I can to clear the path between me and being able to exercise.

How about you?

What can you do to make it easier to start your next exercise (or wellness!) session?

Think about the obstacles that usually crop up for you when you want to exercise, consider the items you’ll need for your session, and then you’ll be able to figure out how to create a clear path to follow straight to your movement goal for the day.

A gold star ornament hangs amid  several white snowflake ornaments.
A few snowflakes don’t detract from the power of a gold star. 🙂

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