What does keeping it simple look like for you?

I love this reminder that we don’t need boutique health club memberships to stay fit. We don’t need pricey gadgets or expensive clothing. We can choose to keep it simple. Memo is a very fast runner and he trains by running, a lot.

I’m not a runner but I approve of his idea. When I’m focused on keeping it simple I go to the gym to lift weights and I ride my bike and I walk the dog (when I can). That’s my baseline “keeping it simple” plan.

What’s “keeping it simple” look like to you?

9 thoughts on “What does keeping it simple look like for you?

  1. I go to a boutique gym because I find I function better in that environment than in bigger gyms. I focus on what I need to do (particularly re strength training) and become part of a community where I feel comfortable. I run outside because I enjoy that the most. Simplicity to me is I have never spent a lot on fitness gear. I only get what I need at a minimum.

      1. Also I don’t always keep it simple! But when I strip back to basics because of time and or money, those are my basics.

  2. I agree that outdoor activities that don’t involve paying for a class are my “keeping it simple” too and also my preference. That said, there’s always the gear and kit issue. So I’m just trying for less and for gear that multitasks–like tights that I wear for running, spinning and yoga, instead of having a slightly different pair for each activity.

    1. I really admire your year without buying anything. As the holiday shopping season ramps up I feel repulsed and ready to join you.

      1. I’ve been wondering if I should do it again next year, because I am becoming increasingly distressed by shopping. Workout gear I’m happy to wear until it’s unsafe or in tatters, but I admit that I like having a few new street clothes!

  3. Free exercise/sports is keeping it simple and going at it on my own time, without depending on another party to keep me straight.
    No timer, distance keeper tool.

    Just doin’ it and enjoying it.

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