Dear Spring, We are ready for you…

Image description: magnolia bud against a blurred background.

Everyone in my part of the world is complaining about our terrible spring. It’s been cold. It’s been wet. Yes, we have more light. But mostly the weather has been so horrible that the extra light hasn’t made the dramatic difference it usually does. I like running in the morning when it gets light early. But lately it’s been hovering just above zero in the morning. No thanks.

I’m reminded of a book a read some years ago by Jose Saramago, the author best known for his novel, Blindness. In this lesser known novel of his, Death with Interruptions, people in this one town stop dying. Like, not matter how old they get, they just don’t die. Though perhaps that seems like it would be something awesome, and at first it is, eventually it creates all kinds of havoc. It turns out [SPOILER] death decided she (death is a woman in this novel) was tired and needed a vacation. So she took a break.

I feel like that’s what Spring is doing this year. She’s taking a break and maybe, just maybe, she’ll be ready to get back to it really soon. Like yesterday was kind of a nice day. Not exactly a “leave your coat at home” day. But close. And today promises to be even better.

By the time we get to this point in May, everyone is eager to get outside into warmer weather. Granted, it’s warmer than winter. I went for a run at lunch time on Monday and I had to take off a layer because I got warm. But the weather is nowhere near what its should be.

And I’m aware that in no time we will be complaining about the heat and humidity. Just yesterday I was telling a colleague who is visiting from Texas that sometimes it is so hot and humid here that even first thing in the morning you’re dripping in sweat after 5 minutes of running.

But we’re not there yet. Spring, if you’re out there having a vacation, please come back. We need you.

What do you plan to do when the weather becomes beautiful (if you’re somewhere were you too are patiently or not so patiently awaiting Spring)?

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