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Writing and riding, goals, and resolutions

So I’m behind with three writing projects (two book reviews and one edited companion chapter). There’s also a 1000 word abstract I want to write and two sets of remarks to prepare for Congress in early June. This is even before my larger summer writing goals kick in. My plight will be familiar to academic colleagues in various disciplines around the world. Welcome to academic summers.

That’s not only only pressing set of priorities though. I need to get in bike shape for my Newfoundland bike trip.  And of course there’s my ongoing big job. This morning’s priority is preparing for University of Guelph Research Advocacy Day at Queen’s Park where we hope to wow the MPPs with all the exciting research we do.

So I think my weekday plan is going to have to involve some writing and riding now that university is getting a little bit quieter. Nothing unreasonable but here’s my plan: 20 km+ riding on the weekdays and long rides on the weekends. 30 minutes of writing each day except for Friday when it’s 2 hours.

Day 1 was a rousing success, though more biking than writing. I rode my bike to the Bike Shed in the cold and the rain and rode on the trainer with a different bike for an hour when I got there and then rode to work. Cold and wet but 40 km done and dusted.

In the evening Sarah and I had our first night out Snipe sailing. After a late dinner, I snuck in 30 minutes on the most overdue of the book reviews. It’s a review of Heather Widdows’ Perfect Me: Beauty as an Ethical Ideal. I had some things to say about here on the blog.

Writing and riding are both things that require daily routines for me. See Shouldn’t You Be Riding?

I’ll check in as I go along as let you know how it’s working out.