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Metabolic Health Is a Feminist Issue #tbt

For #tbt posts I like to go back to the same month in a previous year. Today we go back six years, to February 28, 2013, when I posted about metabolic health. Reading posts from the early days helps me to see how far I’ve come since we started the blog over six years ago. In this post, I finally “got it” about why it’s important to eat enough.

Over the last few years, my thinking and practice has shifted completely. Rarely do I worry about “eating too much,” unless in the sense of eating to physical discomfort, which simply doesn’t feel good. I think my metabolism has recovered from any damage I did in my decades of chronic dieting with the weight loss-gain roller coaster that comes along with it. Besides the idea of Intuitive Eating, this concept of Metabolic Health really helped me get to where I am today. If that’s of interest to you, read on….

3 thoughts on “Metabolic Health Is a Feminist Issue #tbt

  1. A request: as ablog committed to all body abilities, could you please follow the accessibility guidelines for websites and avoid the gray font? I gave up on a few blogs already because of that lack of ada compliance. Please use black & high contrast. It is challenging to read without vision problems, and impossible if you do have a vision disability. Thank you.

    1. I didn’t know we were using a grey font. I also have a vision disability. Let me look into this. Thanks for alerting us!

      1. OK. I’ve changed the first par of today’s post to black. The rest is the default colour. Have a look.

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