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Streak interrupted but still going strong

My bike streak was interrupted this weekend when travel to London to see a concert and help my daughter move made cycling impossible but I’m back at it. Yesterday was warm, grey and snowy and today was bright and cold. Both have their charms but after the greyest November on record  I’ll take the cold and the sun.

I am not the sort of person who thinks after breaking my streak “that’s it, it’s over.” I’m more a “back at it” kind of person. I wasn’t not going to go see Mallory’s Christmas concert. And I’ve got a bunch of streak days ahead. I’ve got spinning classes on campus, my bike on a trainer in my home office, and my bike commute. 

I love riding at this time of year. It feels so good to be moving outside. I used to love winter running for the same reason.

How’s your running/cycling/whatever streak going? Let me know in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Streak interrupted but still going strong

  1. Thanks for posting this. I love the “back at it” view of, well, everything. Yesterday I let my ankle exercises and yoga go until late in the evening, and was soooo tired. I did some (not all) of the ankle workout, and then all I could do was some easy sun salutations and legs in the air. Fair enough. Back at it today…

  2. The reason I don’t usually sign up for “30 days of whatever” challenges is that I know going in that I won’t make the 30 days because… life. But I like your “back at it” attitude. So maybe self-designed streaks where you’re not accountable to others and can take a break when life gets in the way are more my cup of tea!

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