Warm December Days

Usually mean road bike rides. Especially when they happen on a weekend. Whee!

But this Sunday was the President’s thank you holiday gathering for supporters of the university. Deans are required to be there.

After the reception which was fun and moving, Sarah and I decided it was too nice to not ride bikes at all so we got out our gravel/adventure road bikes and ran some local errands and played on the riverside paths in the gravel and the mud. I’m really glad we got out there.

It felt so good, almost magical, to be outside yesterday.

If December is usually cold for you, what do you do with your warm December days? Did you get out yesterday?

One thought on “Warm December Days

  1. Gorgeous photos. Yesterday I went swimming in Oriental Bay, which is right plonk in the middle of Wellington (New Zealand) and a twenty minute walk from my place. Lucky us.

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