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Jennifer’s Pro-tip: Find a thing you love! (Guest post)

by Jennifer Tamse

Jennifer cross country skiing

Canadian Protip #1: Find a winter sport that you love, and each snowfall will be met with a renewed sense of fervor and spirit. And if you’re still looking for that special something, go into the attic, dust the dirt and cobwebs off grandma’s skis, and join me. 


Jennifer is an amateur philosopher, self-described Trekkie and craft beer aficionado, Jennifer has close to a decade of experience driving innovation and change in the hospitality sector and beverage industries. In her spare time, she enjoys x-country skiing, hiking, antiquing and progressive rock music.

One thought on “Jennifer’s Pro-tip: Find a thing you love! (Guest post)

  1. I could not love xc skiing more! and I agree–it makes snow and winter a whole different business, one of joy.

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