How the fitness challenge took the fight out of me #tbt

Oh, the corporate fitness challenge! ‘Tis the season where everyone st work is getting their trackers ready for the 100 days of counting steps. And guess what? True to my word, I’m not doing it. Because I tend to experience FOMO even over things I don’t want to do, I’m posting what I wrote last September at the end of the challenge. This is to remind me that I really meant it.

Do you like fitness challenges that last 100 days or more? Do you like counting steps?

2 thoughts on “How the fitness challenge took the fight out of me #tbt

  1. Love this post. Loved reading it again. A reminder about how different we are. I can’t imagine feeling like the step counter was running my life or getting obsessive about step counting. I just thought it was fun. On days on the boat I think I’d just ignore it and count that as one of the days you could declare not a step counting day, like travel day or illness. I wouldn’t make assumptions about people who wear them. They’re likely not obsessive step counters.

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