Sam’s super quiet Sunday

As readers know thanks to a knee injury, I’m taking it easy. Really easy. Easier than ever before. I’m coping. But just barely.

I’m on doctor’s orders to keep walking to a minimum, stay away from stairs, and to ice my knee 3 or 4 times a day. I’m also doing lots of rehab exercises and spinning on the bike for 10 minutes with no resistance twice a day.

Luckily there were social things to keep me happy. Sunday morning Sarah and I met up with Tracy after her run. Sunday night it was Sarah’s birthday celebration.

Kathleen Brennan baked Sarah a cake!


And in the middle we went to the Y. Nothing serious, just spinning and weights and abs.

It’s not a bad time for an enforced rest. It’s miserable outside. There’s no snow yet. It’s just grey and dark and rainy. My focus is on healing my knee.

I’ve been chatting with the physio guys about how athletes are better than regular citizens at keeping up with physio and sticking to the drill. Partly I think they/we view it as part of athletic training. Injuries are part of life and physio is part of getting better. Also, there’s free time in your schedule where you used to be working out so there’s definitely time for physio. Then there’s the focus on the end result, getting back to your sport. I’m channeling my inner athlete and working hard to get back up it.

Wish me luck.

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