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Injured but not out

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It’s official. I’ve injured my left knee. Grrr. Bye bye Cambridge duathlon. Sigh . I need to revise my plans. See my summer plans here.

Running and I aren’t best friends. I knew that going in. See Six things I love about running and six things I wish I could change.

But I like dog jogging. I like soccer. And I like the atmosphere at 5 km races and at triathlon/duathlon events. I like taking part in these events with friends, Tracy for example, and with family, like Mallory and Susan.

Athletic people are used to injuries. I’ve had my share. I’ve come to think about injury/recovery as part of what it means to lead an active life. The sports medicine clinic I frequent is full of athletes of all ages. I love trying to guess which sport someone does from their injury. The last time I was there I had a bad shoulder, the result of an Aikido roll gone wrong. See Injuries, exercise, and thank God for dogs.

It’ll be the usual series of mobility and pain tests–Does this hurt? How about this?–followed by x-ray and MRI and I suspect, physio.

And then there’s sports therapy massage. Sometimes I feel like it takes a team to keep me going. I’m lucky to live in Canada and to have good supplemental health benefits.

Since I hurt my knee running, you might wonder (Hi Mom!) is running bad for your knees?

The answer seems to be no. See Does running hurt your knees?. We’ve also written about aging and running and knees. See Aging and the myth of wearing out your joints.

And as usual with running injuries the only thing I can’t do is run. Hard to complain really. I’m back to where I was in the first place. Fingers crossed for Kincardine.

6 thoughts on “Injured but not out

  1. Ouch, injuries suck, sounds like you’re tackling it with the right frame of mind though. Breaking my toe and not being able to run taught me I could get an even more brutal workout on the cross-trainer; constantly displacing my first rib taught me to stretch my pecs and strengthen my rhomboids; my knee twingeing alerted me to what had been a torn quad… Injuries can be a great part of the improvement process, hope this proves to be the case for you but that you heal up nice and quick!

  2. My sympathy on your injury, especially w/ a race planned. I know how that goes. Definiitely sounds like you’ve got a good approach. It DOES take a team – or so my chiro tells me. 🙂

    (and I’m amazed by greatveganexpectations – awesome attitude and learning)

  3. Hope your knee is better soon, I’ve had shin splints in the past and its a nightmare when you are training for something.

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