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My self-care tetradecathlon 

There’s been some big stress things happening in my life the past couple months and it’s starting to drag me down. So I’ve been ramping up my self-care. I’m not sure how many things there are but here we go. (Turns out there’s 14!)

  1. Cardio Mondays & Wednesdays with Anthony 
  2. Cxworx Tuesdays & Fridays with lots of work buddies
  3. Therapy 
  4. Walking my commute 
  5. Playing in my garden 
  6. Getting regular massages 
  7. Getting regular Chiropractic adjustments 
  8. Taking my blood pressure medication 
  9. Going to WisCon
  10. Acknowledging things are kind of shitty while taking time to find the good things in my day. 
  11. Offering and getting lots of hugs. 
  12. Celebrating successes the folks around me are enjoying 
  13. Tabletop and PS4 gaming with my family 
  14. Snuggles with my sweetie when I can pin him down!

My bike is ready to roll but we are getting 90mm of rain today. I’m focusing on keeping the joy in my cycling this season so no purposefully punishing rides and I’m ok with not meeting ideas of being tough or whatever. 

Movement is a big part of my self-care but I need the other things too if I’m to be resilient. 

I hope you aren’t going through tough times but, if you are, I’m sending you a big hug. There’s always time for that. 

Natalie, her two teenage sons and her partner sit on a floor looking content and leaning on each other. They are wearing hues of purple and blues and seem to be coping with life pretty well.
Taking a moment to enjoy my family

8 thoughts on “My self-care tetradecathlon 

  1. Lovely pic of your family! Sorry to hear that things are being tough. Love and kindness to you!

  2. I love this– thanks for sharing. It helps a lot to know we’re not alone in having ups and downs. Hugs to you!

  3. Hey! Hang in! We are currently evacuated from our house and not sure what state our house will be in when the flood waters go down! I am missing my usual fitness routine and eating and drinking my sorrows!

    But, this too shall pass! I think I will deserve a new bike when this is over!

  4. Lots of love & hugs to you for being so positive! Keep taking care of your body & mind, the tough times you are facing will soon go away.

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