On Excuses #tbt

Here’s a Throwback Thursday about excuses. I’ve talked to a lot of people lately who have had that “hoping for rain” thing going on so they could skip a run or other outdoor activity. If I’m hoping for rain (as I was last night), then maybe I need to take a break (as I did last night even though it didn’t in fact rain in time). How about you? Do you feel like you “need an excuse” or do you give yourself permission to take a break when you need it?


autumn rain1I loved Sam’s post the other day about blankie hugging.   The post itself was good and then in the comments so many people came out and confessed that they too listen for that rain that says, “you can roll over and go back to sleep now.”

That got me thinking about excuses more generally. Here are some random musings about excuses.

Most of my early morning activities are indoor: yoga (6:30 a.m.), weight training (6:30 a.m.), swimming (6 a.m.!). So the sound of rain doesn’t excuse me from much.

Rain got in the way of my first ride on the road bike, postponing it for a week. But that just disappointed me.

And just the prospect of rain shaped my day today.  I thought I might go running *after* work. But with rain in the forecast, I thought the better of it (since I’m pretty sure I don’t like…

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One thought on “On Excuses #tbt

  1. I find myself hating the rain because it’s an excuse not to run. I’m back to running with a 3yo in a stroller and getting him soaking wet isn’t a good plan. 😦
    I think that giving yourself permission to rest or have a day off is like giving yourself permission to have fun and enjoy your workouts again. Take a break and come back happier to see them again!


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