Wait No More: See How She Runs-Feminists Rethink Fitness

yaySam and I often have little projects on the go and because of the glacial pace of publishing, there’s a huge lag between the frenzied flurry of activity and the appearance of a thing.

But a thing has appeared!

We guest-edited the October 2016 issue of the International Journal of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics. Our issue is called See How She Runs: Feminists Re-Think Fitness. We had an open call for papers way, way back.

Then, more recently, we published the table of contents.

Well, today we can do one better than that. Here is a link to the issue’s introduction (you can click on different tabs to move from the first page to full text to the pdf to references), which Sam and I co-wrote. Like most academic publishing, the majority of the papers are behind a paywall that you can only get past if you have access to a university library. Most academics do have such access, and many of our friends and most of our colleagues are academics.

But we are keenly aware that a lot of our blog readers do not have access to scholarly journals. (Aside: That’s why Sam, Alice, Kate, and Carla started the open access journal, Feminist Philosophical Quarterly.)

IJFAB is not open access and we are not sure what the long run plans are for the rest of the content beyond the intro. But since we heard of the issue’s release a few days ago, people have been very busy on our behalf doing what they could to make some of the content available. So we thank them for their efforts (Thank you: Kate C, Robyn, and University of Toronto Press).

We are very excited to be able to share the intro and extremely happy about the special issue. What’s so very cool about it is that it’s got a nice mix of scholarly articles and narratives, as well as book reviews.

As content from the issue becomes available in forms that we are permitted to share, we’ll let you know. Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy the intro.