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Don’t step in the moose poop

These adventures take place in McAdam, New Brunswick, Canada which is the traditional lands of the Passamaquoddy a First Nation people who are recognized by the State of Maine but do not have status in New Brunswick. 

During my latest summer vacation I got to spend some time with my dad on the 100 acre wood lot my family has logged for over 100 years. 

It was a humbling experience as I don’t hike in the bush much these days. My feet clomped along instead of the soft tread of someone able to stalk a deer. 

Dad was drawn for a moose license for the first time in his life so everywhere we went we kept an eye out for moose signs. That’s prints and poop mostly as well as tender shoots grazed off trees. 

moose track after the rain

The boreal forest is dense, scrubby and smells amazing. Any place the soil is disturbed sprouts raspberries and blackberries. 

This giant pine is too large to harvest and serves as a seed tree

I’ve spent a lot of time on this wood lot helping my grandfather on my Christmas and March breaks in my adolescence. My dad continues to log this to heat homes and for lumber. There are lots of signs of bear, deer, rabbit and especially moose. 

don’t step in the moose poop!

It was great to see how this land has so much bounty after being used for human purposes for so long. 

I had a great visit back home. Now I’m focusing on my new job, another university course and writing my sci-fi book so I’m reducing the frequency of my posts here to the first Saturday of every month. 

I hope this affords opportunity for new voices and perspectives to join the Fit is a Feminist Issue community. 

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