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Bruises and trying new things

So last week I posted about cycling with clipless pedals and not dying. 

I went out last Saturday for a lovely 20 km ride along the paths in London with my partner Michel and my new fried Carrie. I was nervous about being clipped in and Carrie was returning to cycling after many years being off her bike. It was grand and I didn’t fall 🙂

saturday with Michel, myself & Carrie

Sunday I hooked up with David (of Bike Rally fame) and young Victor to do a 40 km clipped in. I was incredibly nervous. I kept picturing falling into traffic on a steep hill. 


nervous Nat thinks anxiety is unhelpful when trying to do things that help with coping!

 I was even waffling about doing 40 km but David’s gentle support and Victor’s enthusiasm helped me muster my courage. 

There were a few moments where I really appreciated being clipped in, hills are WAY EASIER. No slipping, sliding and wasted effort, all the energy goes into the hill. Very satisfying and I like it. 

We got back to town and dropped Victor off. 


David, Victor and I post ride
Then, just as David and I were a few moments away from Old South I fell at a standstill. I remembered to keep my arm in and landed mostly on my hip and thigh. 

I was ok. My bike was ok and, after shaking the adrenaline rush off, I got back on my bike to end up at the cafe. 

I had Michel pick me up. I was tired and bruised but it was a good ride. Thank you friends for a great cycling weekend. 

The pain was worst on Tuesday. My bruises are spectacular. Pictures are disturbing but I’m not badly hurt. Bodies heal. 

I’m planning another two rides this weekend. Being far from the main Rally training I’m mindful I have to spool up my distance and be consistent or the end of July will be ugly. 

Hope you are having a great sportsy day!

4 thoughts on “Bruises and trying new things

  1. Here’s to clipless pedals! May we love them and may our bruises heal in a timely manner!!! They get better and better. I promise. I nursed many a bruise in the beginning. Now it’s old hat. Best of luck!

  2. Way to go. Good efforts. And bravo for overcoming anxiety around cleats. The stall fall happens to everyone at some point. I find thinking about it is worse than when it actually happens.

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