I cycled with clipless pedals and didn’t die

Ya ya. I know. I wasn’t ACTUALLY going to die but last spring clipless pedals just seemed a bridge too far. 

That little white thingie looks pretty far away. Sam and Mallory had shown me some drills last year but the new bike was a lot to learn. The posture, handling, brakes, shifting and height were enough to deal with. 

The weather has taken a turn for the warm and I decided Thursday to go for a quick spin about my neighbourhood clipping in and out. 

It went great! I went slow clipping in and out, stopping and starting. I’m not very good at one legged peddling but I did find, regardless of successfully clipping in I could keep moving forward and pedaling. 

I’m still worried about stopping unexpectedly or slowly, embarrassingly toppling sideways when I find a hill I can’t summit. 

All in all, it was a good trial. I’m going out today for an easy 20 km then Sunday for a 40 km ride. I’m committed to sticking with these pedals as I train up for the PWA Friends for Life Bike Rally. I know the 600 km trip will go much better if I have these clipless on. 

I’m halfway to my fundraising goal of $2,500.00 If you’d like to sponsor me a kilometer it’s $4.16! Just think, lots of folks like you have got me to the 300 km point, can you help me get a little further?

Sponsor Natalie!

About natalieh

I'm a self described fat feminist 42 year old mother of two teenage minions who loves her high energy life partner of over 20 years. I love moving my body and sometimes do yoga, triathlons and dance like a fool. My next measure of success will be being more fierce and less fearful as I roll through my 40s.

One thought on “I cycled with clipless pedals and didn’t die

  1. kai_morgan says:

    glad all went well Natalieh! hope your 40km on Sunday was just as good . . .

    Liked by 1 person

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