Battling the spring sleepies


I’m usually a very good sleeper. I joke that it’s my superpower. I can sleep on trains, planes, automobiles, and buses. I am a big fan of a solid eight hours sleep and with less, the world doesn’t feel quite right.

If I miss out on night time sleep I can also nap anywhere. I’ve got a comfy chair and a purple stripey alpaca wool blanket in my office that works just fine.

I sleep even more when I’m riding lots.

I can sleep in tents without special foam pads, definitely without an air mattress. I can sleep on your living room floor. Just watch me.

Traditionally sleep has been my go to stress defense. Sad? Anxious? You’ll find me in bed asleep. We joke that it’s a family thing. My brother falls hard and fast asleep in the dentist’s chair before they even touch him with freezing.

But this spring, for a variety of reasons, sleep hasn’t come so easy. I’ve been traveling lots, in and out of different time zones, so there’s that. (Sorry for whining about sleep again even after I said I wouldn’t. Go ahead and kick me. It’s okay.)

It’s been San Francisco, Vermont, San Diego. Next up it’s Austria, Calgary, Sweden, and Scotland.

But it’s not just time zones. It’s also the change in seasons and daylight happening here at home.

It’s also that once sleep gets off, nothing is right. It’s a vicious cycle.

So although sleep isn’t all a matter of personal choice, this week I’ve been forcing myself to bed by ten pm. I’m aiming to get back to that 10 pm to 6 am sleep schedule.


See you in the morning! Zzzzz



2 thoughts on “Battling the spring sleepies

  1. I’m doing the same, trying to get back to the 10-6 schedule. Failing miserably. But Sunday night will be a fresh start! Good luck to both of us.

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