Let there be merchandise! And for a good cause

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Exciting new blog development!  We have some very cool merchandise and if you buy it, you’ll be supporting our fitisafeministissue team in the Friends for Life Bike Rally this summer in support of People with AIDS (PWA) Toronto.

To get your t-shirt and/or mug, check out our Shopify site.

Huge thanks to Jenn Lion, who got the site going, to Pam Sloan for her terrific design, and to Susan Tarshis, team lead with Sam, for helping to get the idea off the ground.

You can also donate directly to the cause.


8 thoughts on “Let there be merchandise! And for a good cause

  1. If you want to sell fitisafeministissue flip flop sandals let me know 🙂 we make them for zazzle but also do fulfillment directly.

      1. What about running tanks? I would love a running tank top. I’m wondering about this groundswell of support for flip flops. I mean, once your foot is in them, you can’t even tell you’re wearing FIFI flip flops. So what’s the draw? Tote bags on the other hand…

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