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getting outside while the getting’s good

wpid-IMG_87411478859263.jpegIt’s November in Canada and that usually means it’s cold, like REALLY cold, but this year it has been warm, REALLY warm, like 20C warm. I’m super pumped to get out on my bike this weekend while the getting is good. Any day now the temperature could take the plunge so I’m looking forward to a ride with friends Sunday. This morning I’m heading out for my long, slow distance run.

I had a good running week with hills on Monday and a pace run on Thursday that was my fastest pace since 2011. I’ve not much data on my runs but I hang consistently around the same pace so a little drop like Thursday in my time made me pretty happy. I need a longer route to get my 30 minutes in and that felt pretty good.

Switching to Daylight Saving Time has really messed with my sleep schedule, old people and babies hate the time change I hear 🙂

One thing I’ve noticed as it gets occasionally colder is I’m much stiffer in the morning, I mean painfully limping kind of stiff but by the time I’m ready to walk to work the worst has subsided. It’s weird to be so slow getting going in the morning. I was the twenty year old who could roll out of bed shit, shower, shave and be out the door in about twenty minutes. Now I need a good hour of coffee before I can even think about a shower.

I’m thinking hard about how to stay active over the cold months when I’d rather be under a blanket with a variety of hot beverages. The indoor trainer and running outside are part of that but I may join a different gym, still thinking on that. If you live on the part of the globe that’s getting colder what are you doing to keep moving?

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  1. I live in MI, and am enjoying the same balmy November. Right now, I’m working on increasing my mileage, but come hard winter, I will increase the number of classes I take at the gym.

  2. NYC is nice and warm enough too, I am staying away from the gym, exercising in the parks is too much fun, I am taking every last drop of it

  3. Great article! I’m farther south (in Chicago), so I have less of an excuse! One thing, though: Daylight Saving Time *ended* last weekend…we’re on Standard Time now. 🙂

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