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Sister Time

Nat: My sister Anj is in town for our Olympic Distance Triathlon tomorrow and I thought it would be fun to do a joint entry about our lack of training 🙂 , our goals and how committing to doing sporting events together has impacted out relationship.

Nat holds Anj, Sept 1977. We are definitely up to no good.

Anj: When we admitted to each other we had ceased training as the date of the triathlon drew near, the big question was: “Will I be injured if I do the event?” And the answer is – the body will be fine, the ego might get damaged.  Without delving into the reasons why one would stop working toward one’s goal while being so close to completion, it was easy to review the big reasons for registering for a triathlon way back in January: 1) to get in shape [a.k.a. my coworkers don’t hear me huffing after 3 flights of stairs in the morning] 2) to be skinnier; and 3) to have a date that I would see my sister.  It is too easy to let the time pass by on the relationships with those we care about – but this is what brings us the most satisfaction in life.

Anj & Nat re-united in 2011 for a Try-a-Tri

Nat: I definitely need events to ensure I do any working out. I’m leaning more towards the events being great experiences than necessarily hitting a goal of say, finishing in a certain time, its becoming more of an appreciation of what my body can do for me at the drop of a hat than sticking to my original training plans. I also told a friend that we were getting together to race because it was an excuse to see each other, if we were men we’d build a porch.

Anj: My inspiration for training is the level of fear I have for the distance involved. This is the longest we’ve done, I’m feeling the fear a bit. I pretty much need the shit scared out of me to train because I don’t have self-discipline.

Nat: Oh I’m definitely lacking the discipline. It was your idea in 2011 to do the try-a-tri in Woodstock. I just went along with it. I think this year you were the one to get me to commit. I think my goal was to do it and feel good about. So, I’m going, goal #1 met!

Anj: Being fit means being alive is just plain easier.  Goal #1 – complete.

Nat: My second goal was to be less afraid of events this year. I’m thinking, like Anita says, nothing is riding on this. I enjoy races, they are exciting. Worse thing to happen will be a DNF, maybe an injury.

Anj: This summer, I attended my 20 year high school reunion, and this training season resulted in being the same size as high school.  Goal #2: SURPASSED!

Nat: I try not to hate you for that. I think my upper arm would fit in my high-school dress. I love you anyway.

Anj: Face time with my sister: Goal #3: Priceless.

Nat: My third goal is definitely having something to do with you. I love sharing our training over texts from Ontario to New Brunswick. I think it’s a pretty awesome reason to visit. Doing a different distance has helped me keep track of the years too. I think it’s important to note you recovered from a car accident last year to being able to do this tri, that’s pretty amazing. My blood pressure is under control. We’re both better off than we were a year ago.

Anj: Upon putting things in perspective – without even competing yet – We are winners.

Anj, Nat and Michel celebrate thier first Sprint Distance Triathlon in 2012.


Anj is a recovering butch – finding her feminine side in her 30’s and finally accepting that both femininity and butchiness can come in one package; she’s also a singer/songwriter/performer and motorcycle enthusiast.

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  1. My sister and I keep trying to find events to try together but the timing is never quite right. I keep looking though 🙂

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