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It was the best of seasons, it was… the best of seasons

I’ve been thinking a lot about the end of summer. Yes, I know, it’s already over; do not remind me.


This summer has been a tough one for me. I’ve had some upheavals in my personal life and some serious medical scares for loved ones, resulting in a major bout of the blues. So I did not do a bunch of the cycling activities that I was planning to do—no charity ride in June, no big Vermont ride over Labor Day, and no NYC Century ride today (have fun, Tony and Jane! Sorry I can’t join you). I just didn’t get myself together to ride and train the way I like to in the summer. And I have been feeling regret about the lost summer, and lost opportunities.

Until I talked with friends and looked back at my summer blog and facebook posts. What do they show? I actually had a super-fun summer, doing all sorts of improvised and different activities—outings I would not have gone on if my situation had been different. For instance, I kayaked a bunch with friends:




I got some instruction and found I love kayaking, which opens up new sports and nature opportunities.

I also spent some time on the Cape with my friend Pata, cycling, wandering and hanging out:



Then there were the adventures on foot in urban and suburban nature wandering: up the north shore of Boston, to Deer Isle near the airport, and in the city (both Boston and New York):



And yesterday was the cherry on top of my unexpected ice cream sundae of a summer—I had a lovely outing on a perfect early fall day on Cape Ann with friends. We cycled and were treated to sights like this:


We went to Halibut Point State Park and wandered around on the rocks by the ocean:


And of course we treated ourselves to ice cream (which we left undocumented).

So, it’s really been a superb summer, full of unexpected adventures. I am grateful for it, and looking forward to what the next season brings.

5 thoughts on “It was the best of seasons, it was… the best of seasons

  1. I love that you looked back on your own Facebook/blog to remind yourself what a good summer you had. I feel like social media usually makes us think others are having more fun than we are. But you used yours for good!

  2. A great way to discern how good your summer actually was when perspective temporarily takes a turn for the worse, well done! Of course, here in Arizona, I am ready for summer to end, tired of being a puddle.

  3. Thanks everyone for the supportive comments. Yes, sometimes social media can indeed help us remember that our lives have lots of facets to them, and are connecting in lots of ways to others. And yes, I had a lot of wonderful times, and am looking forward to more. And Happy Fall to all of you, especially Christinadrh– cooler temps are on the way…

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