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Feeling Sexy!

Possibly NSFW?


Lately I’ve been feeling super energetic, maybe it’s the warm sunny days, maybe it’s feeling good in my body, who cares? I’m feeling sexy! Like Eartha Kitt kind of sexy.


I guess it makes a kind of sense that as I get more active I have more energy and I feel even more confident than usual. (I’ve always been fairly confident, now I’m just short of obnoxious). I’ve been buying stylish clothes at Renegade, this amazing plus-sized clothing shop here in London, Ontario and I am feeling GREAT.

My sister always admired my lifelong love of form-fitting clothes, I abide by the Marcel the Shell principle: Life’s a party, rock your body. Lately though, I’ve noticed I’m wearing even brighter colours, shorter dresses and plunging neck lines. MEOW!

Frankly, feeling a little more athletic, stronger, more flexible and more endurance certainly has invigorated my naked time with my beloved. Yes, feeling good about my body and being able to do more longer applies not only to cycling but all kinds of fun. I don’t think we talk much about how fitness impacts sexuality in empowering ways. I am still 230 lbs with a belly “apron” (the bit that flops over the cesarean section scar and thwaps my thighs). I don’t look like what the dominant culture in North America says women need to look like to be sexy. I don’t care! (NSFW: song lyrics contain swearing)


I’m feeling flirty, loving life, and getting plenty of laid.

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  1. I love this! I felt a mix of happy for you and envy as I read it because if there is an opposite to what you’re feeling, it’s what I’m feeling now. But very happy to hear where you’re at these days. Thanks for that!

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