The fitness world belongs to us all….

From Ragen Chastain: “The fitness world is for Every Body who wants to participate.

If you want a space where people of all sizes talk about fitness from a weight-neutral perspective (no weight loss talk, diet talk, or negative body talk) join us on the FIt Fatties Forum and Facebook Page:

Get in touch with us at”

4 thoughts on “The fitness world belongs to us all….

  1. I almost feel like that’s counterintuitive to the message. I love your blog because I feel like it doesn’t group anyone nor exclude. However, maybe I’m seeing this wrong? Wouldn’t a group for “fit fatties” exclude those of us who are of lesser weight? Or what about those who are larger, but not yet fit? I wish we could stop classifying and just all group ourselves as those who are trying to be active and lead a healthy and we’ll lifestyle… matter the size or shape or current level of fitness achieved.

    1. Fit Fatties is a group open to all sizes and every ability level. I think a group just for fat fitness advocates would be fantastic, too, but this one is open to everyone.

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