Sunset in the Exumas.

While Sam is in Arizona this week getting a head start on biking season with an active vacation, I’ve also headed to warmer climes, but without my bike. As I write this, I’m sitting in the Miami Airport getting ready to head to George Town in the Bahamas.

I had a good 5K run on the South Beach boardwalk yesterday morning in Miami. I’m easing back into it after knee pain on my last two long Sunday runs (23K and 19K) made me get sensible and take some time off.  An easy 5K on solid, dry pavement, wearing shorts, a tank top, a cap and sunglasses, felt almost other-worldly.

But the Caribbean is usually a different story. I’ve seen overhead views of Stocking Island, the tiny island in the Exumas where we will be spending the week at a little resort with 8 rooms.  As far as I can tell, there are a few little roads but it’s not clear in advance that I am going to get much of a run in on any of them. If I can figure out a 5K route that doesn’t feel like laps around a track, I’ll be lucky.

But I’ve packed my wetsuit in case the water is cool, swimsuits if it’s not, because if nothing else, I can get in a few swims in the clear blue water of the Caribbean Sea out in the bay in front of our place. I am after all a triathlete, and I do love swimming!

I recognize my immense privilege here.  When I checked the weather back home yesterday, it was minus 40 degrees with the windchill. Chances are, even if my knee had been in good shape, I would have bailed on the run in those temperatures.  I may be Canadian, and I may be a stalwart winter runner, but even I have my limits.

So have a great week everyone.  I will try to post on Thursday, but really, I have no idea what kind of internet connection I will have on Stocking Island.

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