Arizona sunshine


I think this is good biking weather.



Clean dry pavement. Woo hoo!

Though I was reminded yesterday about how fussy cyclists can be about the weather.

I watched a group of cyclists, in close formation wearing team kit, pull into campus last night looking like they were coming back from their evening training ride. The topic of conversation?
The bad weather! It’s too windy apparently.

No snow. No cold. Lots of sunshine. I’ll deal with the wind, thanks.

I’m here for an Arizona cycling holiday with Bike Escapades. It’s a return engagement so you can tell I like the place. Like Canberra, Australia it combines warm, dry weather with mixed terrain (flats and hills) and both a terrific cycling community and a very active community of smart, engaged philosophers with interests close to mine. I get to give a talk and ride my bike. Perfect.

You can read about my first trip here.


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