Guest Post

Steady as she goes (Guest Post)

So the holidays came and went and I had some pretty great workouts. I’m back on blood pressure meds and was due for a follow-up. Despite being a bit tense (yes, I know that’s not helpful) my numbers are looking good!

Displaying blood pressure.jpg

While the blood pressure was great what I was even more happy about was my pulse, check out those beats per minute! That’s post coffee and moving around which means my resting heart rate is coming down as I train. AWESOME.

One side effect of the medication is that it has gifted me with Reynaud’s and I now find it very challenging to keep my hands and feet warm when it is cold out and once cold, they are very slow to regain circulation.

There’s a piece of self talk I use, I think it’s a navel reference, when things feel a little rough, “steady as she goes”. The weight keeps dropping, my training is going well, other parts of my life are a little rough but steady as she goes, I’m on track.