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Dear Sugoi, I want gender equality in colour choices

Today’s blog post was about the dark and the end of weekday evening rides.

But I’m still commuting by bike sometimes and I’ll ride on and off throughout the winter. And I like to be seen!

I just posted to our Facebook page this morning a review of super reflective cycling jacket. See Sugoi Zap Jacket, Glow-in-the-dark apparel for after-hours commuting.

I read some reviews, watched the promotional view, and set out to order it.

I love the bright red.

Sugoi Zap Reflective Jacket - Red: Image 11

But when I went to order a women’s jacket, here’s the colour options I got.

photo of Women's Zap Bike Jacket

No red! I went ahead and ordered the men’s.

Sugoi, not all women want pink. Maybe you need to read, What’s So Bad about Pink Anyway?


4 thoughts on “Dear Sugoi, I want gender equality in colour choices

  1. Definitely on the pink thing.

    That video is neat…but the thought of a blinking jacket while trying to ride sounds like it would blind me 😛

  2. I have a blinking vest which I haven’t worn yet.
    The pink colour in women’s cycling clothing seems to surface occasionally on women’s cycling forum where I frequent. I personally wear certain shades of pink in my tops in off-bike wear, not on the bike. Not many..probably 3 tops out of 25 tops.

    There has been the occasion because of great discount or simply the cut/material I’ve liked something, bought it and wear it with an overtly feminine colour/ design. But never a cycling /sports outdoor jacket.

    I certainly disagree about a black/dark blue/dark brown jacket or tops. Zero sense from a standpoint of visibility safety. …also colours my partner (male) never buys nor wears for outwear on bike.

    Given the high price tag of some clothing, limited to pink colour is abit annoying for a jacket. It’s not like a jersey which one can own several jerseys vs. just 1-2 cycling jackets.

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