Bring on the evening dark, or the end of the weekday cycling season

imageThere’s snow in the forecast for Halloween night and daylight savings ends this weekend. Time for the cold and the dark.

Excellent timing for our last Thursday evening intermediate ride of the season with  Coach Chris.

Next week our fun 40 km loop won’t be possible. It’ll be dark by 5:30 pm and while I ride with lights in the city, I’m leery of fast riding on country roads at that time of the day in the dark.

I’m not that scared of cold and I’ve got my cyclocross bike for bad weather but from here on in it will be longer weekend rides, weekday commuting some days, and time on the trainer and rollers.

We had a lovely ride, our small but mighty group of three. I’m glad Cheryl, of Happy is the New Healthy,  decided to break her rule of never riding in single digit weather. Yes, it was cool. Yes, it was windy. But there was also some talking and laughing and planning for the winter and discussions of spring.

There was also a failed attempt to take back my Strava segment from Kim but I’ve added that to my spring “to do” list as well. You’ve been warned!


3 thoughts on “Bring on the evening dark, or the end of the weekday cycling season

  1. Yes, it is a time to pause and note the passing of after-work road rides. Glad you’ve got the cross bike– are there off-road options that would feel safe and fun? Around here there’s a cross loop that lots of people do after dark– it’s flat, woodsy and not very bumpy, relatively speaking. I’ve been shifting my focus a little more to indoor sports, though– started playing with a women’s squash league. We will all settle into winter cycling (indoors, weekends), but at times like this, I really miss summer warmth and light.

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