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Bad Day, Good Dog

This isn’t what I planned to write about today but here I am.

I’m writing this on Monday evening after a day full of the kind of small challenges that wear you down.

None of these things were a crisis on their own but the cumulative effect had left me feeling down and disheartened.

You know that kind of day, right?

I kind of wanted to just sit around and drink tea and just feel my feelings but Khalee needed to get outside.

So, I decided that I would take my feelings for a walk too.

I was grumpy about it but seeing as I was going to have to feel those feelings anyway, I might as well get some fresh air and exercise at the same time.

You know how this turns out, right?


Like the meme implies, that stupid walk was good for my stupid mental health.

It didn’t make everything better but it did help a lot.

Maybe Khalee didn’t *plan* to help me by needing a walk but she’s a very good dog so perhaps it was a very clever plot on her part.

A photo of a light-haired dog standing on some grass looking alert.
It’s really hard to get a good photo of this good pup when there are so many interesting sniffs to be sniffed. Image description: Khalee, a light-haired medium-sized dog wearing a harness and attached to a neon yellow leash, stands on some grass with autumn-yellowed plants in the background. This is a side-on view and she was moving when I took the photo so her back legs and haunches look disproportionate to the front part or her body. She looks alert and interested in something off to one side.