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Just For Fun with Christine and Khalee

I’m in the middle of writing several think-y posts but none of them are quite done yet so, instead I offer this:

While I care deeply about all kinds of important issues, on a day-to-day casual basis, I am known for being strongly in favour of three key things:

I am pro-snack.

I am pro-nap.

And I am pro-fun.

These photos from two recent walks with Khalee fall in the latter category.

Go Team Fun!

A sunset photo of branches of a tree with shadows of a person and a dog. A gap in the tree branches creates the illusion of a short monster behind the dog.
Here we are as shadow creatures. No, nothing is lurking behind Khalee, that’s just a gap in the trees below that looks like a monster with outstretched arms. Image description: a photo of mine and Khalee’s shadows taken as the sun is setting. We’re standing on a sidewalk that is higher than the path below and our shadows are falling onto some trees next to the path. Our shadows are clearing outlined and behind Khalee’s shadow is a gap in the branches that looks like a very short monster with its arms sticking out to either side.
A nighttime photo of a person’s shadow next to a dog on a leash who is also casting a shadow onto the sidewalk ahead.
And here we are as creatures of the night. For the record, we are not actually vampires, it was just too warm to walk her during the day. Image description: a nighttime photo of my shadow, Khalee, and her shadow being cast on the sidewalk ahead of us by a streetlight behind us.

2 thoughts on “Just For Fun with Christine and Khalee

  1. I am pro-all-of-this! And Khalee looks large and in charge in the second photo. I’m happy that she’s on the case… 🙂

  2. Hmm what about dancing? Im not sure how effective it is for the core though. I do the boring weights. I just like how good i feel afterwards. it does take time to get into it. I hope you find something that works!

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