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Welcome new people to the gym this January


I hate all the complaining about busy gyms in January.

Yes, there are some line-ups where there were none in December. But there are also lots of new people who could use a smiling face.

We talked about research being done by a post doc at Western about the gym as a gendered space which doesn’t feel welcoming to women. Tracy’s written too about women who work out in sheds because they’re embarrassed to be seen doing physical activity. I’ve written about women who run at night, even though it’s less safe, because they don’t want people to see them.

There’s not a lot we can do to change all of that. But one thing we can do is be nice to people at the gym who show up in January.

Smile and say hello.

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But also, at the same time, don’t make assumptions about who is new on the basis of size!