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Why not have more fun? Try a Halloween workout!

With Halloween just 7 days away, I thought it would be fun to post a few themed workouts in case you wanted to get in the ‘spirit’ of things. (ooooooh, so scary!)

A dog wearing a pumpkin hat
Khalee’s idea of a themed workout is to wear her pumpkin hat for approximately 90 seconds of her walk. Image description: Khalee, a light haired dog, is wearing a pumpkin hat and looking toward the camera with a doggie ‘smile.’ She is standing on the dark laminate flooring in my kitchen.

I haven’t watched or completed all of these, I just picked the ones that seemed fun and weren’t obviously problematic. Please take good care of yourself if you choose to do these – don’t do anything that doesn’t work for your body and turn the video right off if they seem to be buying into any diet-culture crap.

A Halloween Dance Party HIIT workout from Emkfit. I really like how she is goofing around here. Video still shows the title of the video in green and white text and there are two images of the host in dark green leggings and a sports bra exercising while making funny faces.
A 25 minute Halloween Dance Workout from Kyra Pro – the theme is pretty much just in the music but that’s still pretty cool. The still image shows the name of the video in ‘Halloween-style’ lettering and includes a photo of the host, in black workout clothes, with their hands in the air, shaped like monster claws.
A Halloween Walking Workout from Brand Fitness, I love how casual and friendly she is and she really seems like she is having a great time. . Still image shows the words ‘ 2500 Steps Halloween Walk’ in ‘Halloween-style’ text with cartoonish bats and spiderwebs in the background. The host is featured on the right hand side, wearing a witch costume with striped tights.
A 20 Minutes Halloween HIIT Workout from GrowingAnnanas – she does this whole workout in facepaint – I don’t know how it didn’t melt right off! Still images shows the video name in block letters with some white background and some red background. The red background has an added ‘blood drip’ in the bottom corner. The host is in black workout gear with face paint that looks like old fashioned mime or clown make-up – triangles pointed up from their eyebrows and down below their eyes, a black dot on their nose, and their lips are outlined in black.
A Halloween Zumba workout from Zumba Sulu. Another video done in full face make-up plus a costume and he has some spooky props in the background – very fun! Still image shows text reading ‘Halloween Special Dance Workout’ and shows the instructor in skull makeup and Halloween clothing making a ‘scary hands’ gesture toward the camera.
Yoga for ZOMBIES! by Yoga with Adriene. This one may not be as much of a Halloween theme as the previous videos but it’s close enough. And even Zombies need to be limber, right? Still image shows the video title in block letters, the word zombies is in red. Host is wearing a black shirt and red leggings and there is a background image of a black and white graveyard with leafless trees surrounded by mist.
A seated Halloween dance workout from Chair Yoga with Barbara. This video is pretty low-key but the host seems very friendly and the movements are straightforward. Still image shows the video title in Halloween-style text with a clip art ghost and spiderweb next to the text. The host is shown on the left side, wearing black shorts and an orange shirt with a Jack-o-Lantern face in black on the front.

I was only going to share 7 workouts but then I found this short chair yoga workout to ‘Monster Mash’ that is just so charming that I have add it to my list. I can’t figure out why it won’t embed like the others did but it is worth the click over to YouTube to view it.

I hope you found some fun workouts in this collection.

Do you have any other Halloween workout links you could share?

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Happy Halloween!

I like most of the moods of exercise, from the sometimes somewhat serious business of team training and racing to the very silly world of holiday themed workouts.

Here’s two I did this Halloween season:

  1. Zwift Halloween costume rides with pace partners: See photos above. We all gradually acquired costumes as we rode along with the special guest pace partners. It was a nice easy recovery ride with lots of laughs along the way. See HALLOWEEN HIJINKS HAVE BEGUN! UNLOCK COSTUMES WITH NEW PACE PARTNERS: “ZwiftHQ likes to have a little fun on certain holidays – especially Halloween, Christmas, and April Fools’. (With Halloween just around the corner, Zwifters may remember that we earned dino costumes in 2019rode bone bikes and swapped heads in 2018, and looked like witches and monsters in 2017.) Last night some new Pace Partners went live as part of a little Halloween game. Carlin Cosmic, Darwin Dino, Delta Daring have arrived, and they’re handing out Halloween costumes!”

2. I also did Yoga with Adriene’s spooky Yoga for When You Feel Dead Inside which I enjoyed from the moments of silliness at the start to the actual practice itself.

How about you? Are you doing any Halloween themed workouts? Let us know in the comments below.


Going bananas on a bike: Halloween Bike Ride 2014

Halloween is not just for kids anymore. Halloween bike rides are apparently sweeping the continent.



And they are fun fun fun. This year I did my second Halloween bike ride in Boston—just a casual, easy ride around town at night with 750+ of my closest cycling friends. I’ve compiled a 6-question FAQ for anyone interested in more info.

1. How did you know the route?

It was published on this website  and this one. Also, we were led by someone in arguably the best costume there: a low-wattage fluorescent lightbulb.


Plus, a group this big takes up a lot of space—we took up a lot of space on major Boston roads.



Motorists were mostly amused and indulgent of the rather looooong bike parade.

2. What was the best costume?

Oh, that’s really hard to say. The best bike costume was this guy, who rode a yellow submarine.



And then these folks were beautifully attired.


Of course, I’m partial to my costume (shared by at least 10 folks on the ride): A bike-riding banana. Here I am with Rachel as banana, plus Steph as Cruella Deville.



3. How long was the ride?

In terms of mileage, about 10 miles (16 km). In terms of time, a couple of hours—we were really slow, with stoppages at bottlenecks and stoplights. But the time flew by—there was so much to see, other costumed riders to chat with, and music was provided by several folks towing big speakers on trailers (some of them festively attired themselves).



4. What bike is best for this ride?

I saw every type of bike on the ride—road bikes, commuters, fat bikes, mountain bikes, BMX bikes, Hubway bike-share bikes, and even a Chinese-made cruiser with 32-inch wheels, ridden by a guy dressed in Dr. Seuss regalia (sorry, no picture here). But here is the most unusual bike we saw:



5. Didn’t the police get upset about all those riders on major roads?

Actually, no. These events are well-publicized and orderly, and organizations that sponsor them are committed to keeping them that way. That means no riding on sidewalks, blocking intersections, going the wrong way down one-way streets, etc.

6. Would you do it again?

Absolutely! I’m currently plotting my next year’s costume (TBA). I leave y’all with the obligatory post-ride selfie with Janet, me, Steph and Rachel.


I encourage all of you to check out a festive bike ride in your town—it’s the best slow-motion fun to be had on two wheels.