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Top Ten May 2022 Posts, #ICYMI

  1. What to do instead of extreme dieting to get into an old dress for 5 minutes on social media (Catherine)

2. I’m 53 and a half and I’m still menstruating: is this a good thing? (Cate)

3. Inclusive Objectification Anyone? (Tracy)

Image description: Four panels each depicting a 2022 Sports Illustrated cover from one of the four versions of the 2022 SI Swimsuit Issue, from right to left Kim Kardashian, Ciara, Maye Musk, and Yumi Nu. Image from

4. Keeping Fit While Healing from a Hysterectomy (Marjorie)

5. I had a plan, where did it go,? (Amanda Lynn)

6. Why Nicole is not planning a big 50 challenge (Nicole)

Celebrating 50 with a piñata and balloons and beverages. Photo by NIPYATA! on Unsplash.

7. Riding Solo, Part 1 (Julia Creet)

8. Everyday is eat what you want day (Tracy)

Eat What You Want Day, featuring lots of cookies and cakes and pies

9. Sam has sixty in her sights (Sam)

10. Workout Selfies: Yay or nay? (Amy)

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blog · fitness · ICYMI · top ten

Top ten posts in April 2022, #icymi

Cate is still menstruating

Marjorie had advice about keeping fit while recovering from hysterectomy

Sam tells the story of her sad knee saga

Nicole writes about things she doesn’t feel when doing yoga

Catherine reblogged an older piece about HIIT

Catherine also blogged about what to wear when turning 60

David, nobody cares writes Nicole

Sam is looking forward to a summer of micro-adventures

Guest blogger Michelle talks about compression leggings as an obstacle to exercise

Christine is the model of middle aged martial artist

Photo of a girl running down the road. Unsplash.
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Top Ten Posts of December 2021, #ICYMI


1. Cate wants to know why she’s still menstruating at 53.5 and whether that’s a good thing.

2. I love it when one of our most read posts of the month is by a guest blogger. This month it’s a new voice here at Fit is a Feminist Issue, Julie on curling.

3. Another very seasonal guest post from a few years ago, it’s Carly’s thoughts on new year’s resolutions from a cheerful chubster.

4. Cate offers advice in her dear field poppy advice column. I think we’re all hoping there’s more of these yet to come.

5. Nicole offers advice too, to teens and others.

6. Marjorie’s guest post on keeping fit while healing from a hysterectomy

7. When plans change and your usual coping strategies fail, Sam’s musings on covid, stress, and falling into bed at 7 pm with a box of chocolates.

8. Diane’s post on balancing and juggling and making space.

9. Martha on taking time.

10. Elan on serving love and what that can look like when it comes to seasonal feasts.

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Top Ten Posts, November 2021, #ICYMI

The first five most read posts this month ask (and maybe even answer) some questions.

A question mark. Photo by Emily Morter, Unsplash.

Cate wants to know why she’s still menstruating at 53.5 and whether that’s a good thing.

Sam wants to know where the images are of larger, muscular, athletic women’s bodies.

Guest blogger Nicole asks why wear the same dress for 100 days?

Susan wonders, is it a heart attack or is it perimenopause?

Catherine wonders what to tell snarky critics of e-bikes. Reader: She has some great suggestions.

Our sixth most read post is an older guest post from Marjorie on working out while healing from a hysterotomy.

Be a Fitness Muppet! is our seventh most read post.

Miss Piggy doing karate!

Diane’s “donating her vagina to science” post is our 8th most read post.

Ninth is Mina’s Self-Discipline As Ease and a Path to Joy.

And Looking for a Good Beginner’s Race on Zwift? Sam has some suggestions. That’s our 10th most read post.

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Top Ten Posts in July 2021, #ICYMI

  1. Cate on On “cancelling” Canada Day

2. At 53 1/2 Cate was still menstruating and her post about it is always on our top ten list.

3. Catherine asks What’s wrong with “Rearranging your Post-Pandemic ‘Friendscape’

4. Styling your hair while fat advice from Catherine

5. Serena speaks up: “It’s never been easy…but I think of the next girl” Tracy’s older post

6. Catherine also hopes that The Biggest Loser won’t be renewed for another season.

7. When a Long Hike Becomes an Ultra Hike: How Fear and Strength Make Friends, writes Mina

8. Crotch shots, upskirts, sports reporting, and the objectification of female athletes’ bodies, Sam’s older post

9. All people vary in size? Really? Shocking!, Sam’s newer post

10. Structural racism in sport: the 2021 edition, writes Martha

The word “JULY” in white on a black background. Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash.