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Sam emerges from the lurgy

Well, it’s been a week.

So far this year my dedication to physio and regular daily exercise as part of my return to fitness has surpassed even my own expectations. Usually I plan more and don’t do it all (with zero guilt). But this year I’ve done a lot. In the 223 for 2023 group I was at 326 episodes of intentional physical movement last week. I met the 223 goal sometime this summer. There’s a story behind that–knee surgery, knee physio, and serious commitment to rehab and rebuilding fitness–but it all came to a grinding halt last week with the dreaded lurgy. (Shoutout to my father who taught me that wonderful expression, a favourite of his.)

So yes readers, I got sick! Weirdly it’s been years since I’ve been sick. Two knee replacement surgeries and one round of mild COVID-19 in the early omicron days have been it for a few years. I don’t like this getting sick thing. I was fevered, pukey, headachey, sore throaty and cough flavoured sick. The doctor asked which symptoms I had. I said all of them. She laughed. I haven’t tested positive for covid and I’ve been testing each day for 6 days as I write this on the weekend. I know, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t covid. I just know it’s some kind of not-very-nice virus. I went quickly from ‘maybe I should work from home today’ early in the week to “huh, I guess I won’t be working from anywhere.” I hit the bed and stayed there for days.

I wasn’t well enough to even watch fluffy television. I just slept. I didn’t eat–aside from the odd slice of toast and cup of tea–and I drank water if someone reminded me.

When I finally left the house to go to the doctor Friday it felt like a major athletic achievement. I was stiff and sore for not moving for days–especially my knees. I was light headed and woozy walking around.

And it wasn’t even time off work for three of the days. Instead, it was the worst option–CANCELLED VACATION.

Sarah, Cheddar, and I were supposed to be staying in a dog friendly OTENTik in Point Pelee National Park.

Like this:


After that I missed attending the Ontario Universities Fair with my team from the College of Arts at Guelph on Saturday. I gave away Saturday night tickets to see Wild Woman at Soul Pepper. Hope it was good Susan!

Finally, I got out for a short dog walk. It was just 1.5 km but you bet I counted it as a workout. I might even have napped after!

Sam emerges and goes for a walk with Sarah and 3 dogs

I’ll get back to it next week, slowly.

You too Catherine, take it easy friend. Why yes, I’m the second sick blogger this week.

In the meantime, thanks to all the people at work who stepped in and thanks to Sarah and mum at home who’ve kept an eye on me.

2 thoughts on “Sam emerges from the lurgy

  1. Glad you are on the mend! I know for sure I didn’t get it from you (lurgy isn’t transmissible via Facebook, is it?). Man, it packs a wallop! I feel like a monster truck ran over me, then backed up. Your story tells me there’s hope for recovery in the near future… 🙂 Take it easy coming back to your regular routine.

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